Remove freight uncertainty with real-time tracking

Posted: 17-Aug-2021
Global container port capacity is struggling to meet rising demand, resulting in escalated supply chain uncertainty. Alongside, ocean carriers are juggling their networks to navigate highly congested ports, especially in North Europe and on the US west coast, reports The Loadstar.

Why it matters

Congested ports in the West are bound to increase turnaround time for vessels and disrupt delivery schedules. To avoid miscommunication with suppliers and customers, staying updated with the latest shipment status is crucial.


Gartner predicts, by 2023, 50% of product-centric enterprises will invest in real-time visibility platforms.


Get real-time visibility

The impact of shipment delays can be mitigated by leveraging solutions that offer real-time visibility on the movement of cargo, enabling shippers to respond to market disruptions proactively. With these solutions, shippers can get automated updates on journey milestones, predictive alerts on delays, vendor and carrier performance reports, and much more.

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