AutoLogic Systems announce software release that models directly from CAD

Posted: 16-Apr-2019

AutoLogic Systems Ltd has released the latest version of Emulate3D which allows users to create dynamic, digital models direct from their CAD.

Emulate3D’s ‘CAD is The Model’ technology enables you to import your CAD from a wide variety of standard formats and make it a realistic virtual commissioning model.

Users are now able to create realistic behaviours in static CAD like conveyor movement, deflectors, motors, mechanisms, RFID readers, sensors, and photo eyes. It is also possible to introduce dynamic loads to verify system behavior and save time and money at commissioning by carrying out advanced logical operation tests before going onsite.

Andy Parsons of AutoLogic Systems says: “This is a new approach to turning CAD into usable emulation and simulation models of machines or layouts as efficiently as possible. It’s really revolutionary in the world of modelling, simulation and demonstration.”

The new CAD is the Model technology enables you to create ECT (Emulate3D controls testing) ready catalog items by importing your CAD and marking it up with just the properties you need, including IO tags. Support has also been added for OPC UA, the Simatic Manager/TIA Symbol Table, S7Online, PLCSIM Advanced V2.0, Rockwell OTS, User Defined Data Types, Extended Addresses, and additional protocols for the Net Server.