Browser-Based HMI in Virtual Reality Model

Posted: 23-Jun-2017

Interact with your controls testing models in Virtual Reality

Emulate3D chalks up another first in the fast-developing world of alternative realities – this time by enabling users to work with their web-based control systems to test out the correct logical operation from within the model. Not only can you turn on and off the various machines within the model via the Human/Machine Interface (HMI) you’ll be using in the real world, but you can also move boxes from one line to another and block and clear photo eyes to observe the system response, before you install and start up the real equipment.

The browser is a live webpage complete with buttons which react when clicked on by pulling the trigger on the controller. The webpage is connected to PLC inputs, and the outputs control the state of the conveyor motors and the divert activation. Users can interact with the system via the HMI as well as test it by moving loads around within the model.

Click here to view the video