CEMEX win annual Rail Freight Group Award with Emulate3D

The Innovation & Technical Development Award at this years’ Rail Freight Group Awards was given to CEMEX for its Emulate3D modelling project that maximised each train load coming out of its Dove Holes Quarry.

To monitor and test the utilisation, loading and scheduling of their Dove Holes rail operation in a digital environment, CEMEX acquired our Emulate3D software.

AutoLogic Systems is providing simulation for Nestlé’s new UK ‘distribution centre of the future’

AutoLogic Systems has been developing simulation models for the design and testing of a new 608,370-square-foot distribution centre operated by a global 3PL on behalf of Nestlé at the SEGRO East Midlands Gateway Logistics Park in Leicestershire, UK.

AutoLogic Systems have been using their Sim3D software, developed by Rockwell Automation, to design and test the layout of the new centre and the automation that will be used. AutoLogic has been providing Nestle UK with simulation and related services since 1995.

Virtual PLC testing gives confident commissioning for global automation company

Following some complex automation commissioning projects, a major engineering design company, providing end of line automation solutions for the food and beverage industry, was keen to ensure future projects were delivered on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of their customer.

So they brought in AutoLogic Systems and their Emulate3D modelling software. By using Emulate3D they would be able to create an offline test bed for new hardware, PLC codes and any facility upgrades or testing.

PFE Express drives down transport costs through better loads with TOPS software

PFE Express, a leading force in the UK freight forwarding and logistics market for over 25 years, is using the TOPS LoadStak Pro and MaxLoad Pro software from AutoLogic Systems to maximise their pallet and container fill in order to drive down transport costs.

LoadStak Pro is designed for pallet optimisation.  It creates pallet patterns and optimises fill based on the dimensions of a company’s cartons and pallets. MaxLoad Pro focuses on container fill and configuration.

Softbox control their delivery costs thanks to new load planning software

Softbox Systems Ltd. has added the latest load planning tool to their portfolio of packaging software. MaxLoad Pro® will help Softbox reduce transport and shipping costs as their export market rockets.

Softbox specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of insulated packaging for the shipment of temperature sensitive products. They are rapidly growing and now export 50% of their total sales all over Europe and beyond.

With 15-20 lorries leaving the Softbox factory in Oxfordshire each week it is vital they maximise each vehicle load, reduce packing time and keep delivery charges to their customers as low as possible.

GAMA Healthcare reduce costs with optimised case, pallet and container fill

GAMA Healthcare started using the TOPS Pro and MaxLoad Pro software from AutoLogic Systems to improve their case and container fill. Two years later, they continue to benefit from increased sales, lower freight costs and improved product design.

They previously calculated case and container configurations manually but were introduced to TOPS Pro and MaxLoad Pro by a customer looking to improve efficiency throughout their supply chain.

Fibrestar gets more from their pallets and vehicles with LoadStak Pro

Fibrestar Drums Ltd, the UKs leading manufacturer of round and square fibre storage drums, have acquired the LoadStak Pro software from AutoLogic Systems to improve their pallet and vehicle fill.

Fibrestar offer a high volume of specifications and products types and like all manufacturers, need to ensure that they maximise all of the available space on every pallet and every vehicle.

Fibrestar looked at all of the options for optimising their loading patterns including open source software, but having experienced TOPS Pro software in the past they knew LoadStak could deliver what they required and beyond.

Homebase uses MaxLoad Pro Load Planning Software for Overseas Consolidation

Homebase, part of Home Retail Group, has been using MaxLoad Pro load planning software on an initiative to deliver festive stock directly to store from two of their Northern China factories, bypassing their central consolidation centre in Southern China and their UK distribution centres at their busiest time of year.

Homebase produced detailed loading plans for the factories so they could deliver the stock directly to over 300 stores in the UK. Previously the products would be sent from the factories to a central consolidation centre in Southern China, and from there to the UK distribution centre who would then distribute the products to the stores.

A shower of savings for Aqualux from MaxLoad Pro load planning software

Aqualux Showers have selected MaxLoad Pro load planning software to significantly lower transport and distribution costs and meet the needs of their customers.

Aqualux had a requirement to formalise their pallet and lorry loading after a key customer, B&Q, started an extensive restructuring of their seven main distribution centres. There were three new key requirements that Aqualux had to adhere to: fewer but larger orders meaning more complex load patterns; changes in load sequencing and labelling to align with storage patterns in the warehouse; detailed notification of planned loads and deliveries

Boots acquire new pallet stacking software from AutoLogic Systems

Boots, the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, has acquired the specialist pallet stacking software TOPS LoadStak® Pro from AutoLogic Systems.

The Boots supply chain were going through some major changes. As part of a centralisation of the supply of products to their shops, Boots were consolidating stock from eighteen stock points down to one central warehouse. This would give a much greater need for optimum cubic volume utilisation throughout the new facility.

Boots selected TOPS LoadStak® Pro due to it being easier to use and more intuitive than other similar products available on the market. TOPS LoadStak® Pro is ideal for companies looking to obtain the best fill of a pack of fixed dimensions on a pallet or vehicle/container while improving stability of load and reducing packaging and transport costs.

Simulating reality at Premier Foods

Following recent acquisitions Premier Foods undertook a major upgrade to their Lynn Road Warehouse operation to include 40,000 sq metres of new warehouse space to accommodate increased demand.  The extra capacity provides for racked pallet storage and further inbound marshalling space but also the increased demand put pressure on outbound activities particularly case picking and marshalling. As part of the upgrade Premier Foods commissioned a simulation study of the warehouse operation that allowed Management and the Operations Team to change parameters, such as changes in volume, task allocations, restricting MHE truck availability, picking ahead and the effect of conveyor system failure, to assess their impacts.

The simulation was built using AutoMod 3D, advanced 3D simulation software for materials handling systems, of which AutoLogic is the sole UK and Ireland distributor.

Homebase Uses MaxLoad Pro from AutoLogic for Festive Stock Load Planning

Homebase, part of Home Retail Group plc, has been using MaxLoad Pro software from AutoLogic Systems for their load planning of festive stock.

Homebase has over 300 large out of town stores selling over 30,000 products.

The software has been used as part of an initiative to deliver festive stock, such as trees and decorations, direct to all stores in time for a universal launch and in a consistent shelf display sequence for ease of store handling.

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