Emulate3D: New Independent Cart Technology (ICT) catalog

Posted: 20-Nov-2020

The new Independent Cart Technology (ICT) catalog in Emulate3D is an impressive development from our partner Rockwell Automation designed to assist engineers wanting to demonstrate, analyze, improve, and implement this exciting asynchronous movement technology.

This first introductory video presents the catalog, and the second video demonstrates how easy it is to make an operational simulation system from the catalog elements and a well-designed custom toolbar.

New Introduction to the ICT Catalog – Video 1

If you are familiar with Emulate3D products, you’d expect the ICT catalog to contain standard parts with which users can rapidly create robust and operation models, which it does. But in addition there are ICT toolbar-located implementation tools which accelerate the system build workflow even more.


New Introduction to the ICT Catalog – Video 2

In this second video the track layout is imported and stations are added, along with a flow description which allows the model to be operational within just a few minutes.