Make Process Models Simple with Black Boxes

Posted: 30-Sep-2019
Our Emulate3D technology provides a flexible and easily modified generic Black Box which enables you to build initial experimental models quickly and easily. If you need to understand the disruption that a new type of product being introduced into an existing system will cause, model it with Black Boxes first to visualize the impact and understand the system response. Black Boxes provide a straightforward way to model a wide variety of both push and pull manufacturing and assembly systems, and then output useful results and graphs. Click here to watch the video to find out more.

The Emulate3D Black Box enables you to create a flow system based on load movement from station to station, with load-dependent cycle times and without necessarily using material handling systems. Models based on flows rather than AMHS equipment will help you understand and dimension the system resource requirements. Click here or on the image to watch the video on YouTube