New Features for Emulate 3D: Rack Configurator and the Visual Hierarchy Window

Posted: 16-Dec-2016

We are delighted to announce the following 2 new features for our Emulate 3D software – PLUS more new features to be announced next month!

The Rack Configurator provides a structured way to generate racks which can then be used actively within your models, in collaboration with AGVs, forklifts, and cranes. Any number of different rack designs can be defined, with different dimensions and shelves, and have CAD geometry attached. Racks can be assembled in any order, and referenced as a single racking group by components like the SRM and rack populator. The system uses the same rack/shelf/bay/bin/index system as the existing rack configurator. In addition, you can define custom addressing indexes and flags, named and organised as you wish, as you build the rack. This is mapped onto the rack/shelf/bay/bin/index system, and can be used to access bins. For example, you can designate a zone which only contains bins with a certain custom addressing index range or flag value, and store or retrieve from this subset. Tunnels can be defined which exclude any shelves from that region and allow vehicles to pass through.

Users can generate complex racks with company-specific CAD and load mapping systems

With the new Rack Configurator you can

  • Define objects like racks, shelves or boxes.
  • Edit properties of defined objects
  • Add and attach objects to racks
  • Duplicate and redefine objects
  • Create tunnels for vehicles to pass through


Visual Hierarchy Window

The Visual Hierarchy Window enables you to drag visuals around to reparent them much faster and more conveniently than was previously possible. The visual selected in the model Edit environment is shown in the window, and you simply click to open the structure. Invisible visuals (like joints) are greyed out, and you can sort by Name and Type fields. Elements in the window remain live during Build and Play, but are disabled during Fast Forward.