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MaxLoad Pro

MaxLoad Pro is a cargo load planning, container loading, freight calculation and cube optimisation software. It can calculate accurate container and truck load plans by determining the best way possible, through intelligent loading algorithms and extensive stacking rules, to load mixed sized products into containers and vehicles.

The program also supplies the user with an array of ways to display a load and allows manual load building or editing through its 3D drag-and drop graphical editor.

MaxLoad Pro has proved to be the world’s best cargo planning, optimisation and diagramming software. It is used throughout a wide array of industries involved in supply chain, logistics, food and beverage, home and office furnishing, retailing, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive and more.

Create Cargo Load Solutions for Trucks, Sea Containers as well as for Cartons and Pallets

Optimise not only for trucks and containers, but also for mixed products into cartons or totes and create mixed pallets. Import your orders into MaxLoad and simulate solutions on how many totes, pallets or vehicles will be required and the manner the items will be loaded. Users can also see the best way to cube out a truck or container for a certain SKU, whether as loose items or pallet loads.

Extensive Vehicle Type Support

MaxLoad Pro comes pre-defined with a database of vehicle types including commonly used trucks and sea containers. Users can also define new vehicles and special elements including location of kingpin, axles and corresponding weight limits, unloadable areas like wheel wells, container corner castings, drop decks, ceiling clearance, location and size of rail car doors, etc.

MaxLoad Pro - Image 2Supported Load and SKU Types

MaxLoad Pro supports a variety of load types including direct floor loads, unit pallet loads and mixed pallet loads. For SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) types, it supports cylindrical SKUs in nested or pyramidal patterns, single or bundled L-shape SKUs like chairs and sofas, pallet and mixed pallet SKUs, or a mix of all these different items inside the same vehicle or container.


Easy Data Imports

Define your product SKUs in MaxLoad Pro’s database so they will be available for you to load into trucks, containers, pallets and totes. For existing data, use MaxLoad’s Import Function to quickly bring in SKUs and orders from your ERP or ordering systems. The SKU import function allows you to easily and accurately import SKU names, descriptions, dimensions, stacking requirements, loading orientation and placement, palletization preference and more. The Order or pick list import function will import order information including SKUs, order quantities, order number or any priority loading details. Once the data is inside MaxLoad, getting an optimised loading solution is just a mouse click away.

3-D Graphics Drag-and-Drop Editor

MaxLoad automatically calculates optimal solutions, but you may want to adjust the solution slightly to meet your requirements. The 3-D editor in MaxLoad allows users to manually customise placements in a tote, pallet or within a truck or container. In the dual view 3-D editor, users can visualize the load editing from two different vantage points. Users can easily click, drag and remove any SKUs from the vehicle and bring them to the cut list, temporarily outside the vehicle or to a new location inside the truck. The powerful editor even supports editing of mixed pallets inside the truck.

As the load is being edited, all statistics are simultaneously updated. This data includes tare weight, total weight, weight at king pin, axles, total cube, remaining floor space from the last placement, and center of gravity for the load.

Reports: Step-by-Step Truck Load Diagrams, Pallet Configuration, Vehicle summary and More

Print comprehensive summary reports in several content options including 3-D load plans and summary, step-by-step loading instructions and load list for loaders and warehouse employees, unitload and mixed pallet details, truck summary with stop off details and more. Share these reports via direct emailing from MaxLoad as JPEG graphics or through PDF reports.

MaxLoad Pro - Image 3User Friendly Interface

The Windows-based interface allows users to easily navigate through the program. Define your SKUs once and use them in loading containers, pallets or trucks. Switch to different option categories through a tab system. All image renderings are in 3D and rotate them in any view for better visualisation. Solutions are also presented in classified lists pertaining to the loads that were loaded and their respective placements. Furthermore, values for cube and weight percentages of vehicle/container used are displayed. Configure system defaults including measurement unit, language format, labeling, and other display options.

Multiple Language Support

MaxLoad Pro supports over 10 different languages for the user interface and users can switch from one language to another on the fly. Calculation can be done in the English interface with reports generated in Simplified or Traditional Chinese for sharing with the factory or shipping departments. Users can also switch seamlessly between English and Metric units for easy calculations.

Currently supported languages include Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Dutch, Japanese and Thai.


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