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Virtual Commissioning of Automated Systems


Develop, test, and produce robust PLC and mid-level control systems offline, without the constraints of site work, and before the real system is even built.

Save significant time and money by testing the logical operation of the control system before going on-site; take controls testing off the project’s critical path with virtual commissioning and reduce overall testing time.

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Virtual Commissioning
Emulate3D Controls Testing allows more comprehensive testing, earlier in the project cycle, and at a lower cost, than is possible using traditional techniques.
Controls Testing
As soon as the design and planning phase of the project is complete the control system can be built, ready for testing. Not only is the testing phase off the critical path, but it is also unrelated to the state of the hardware.
Each design is unique
Decisions taken at the design stage determine the cost of ownership, throughput, flexibility, and ease of use of the resulting system.
Reduce Costs
Multiple interface designs and screen layouts can be modified and improved. The fine positioning of sensors can be determined, and functional parameters tested and optimised.

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