Vehicle Scheduling & Tracking

Our range of Vehicle Scheduling & Tracking software gets you where you want to go faster and more efficiently whilst recording your progress for internal processes or customer information.



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    I can now see how a particular branch ran its routes last week; the old, decentralised system prevented us from pulling all that information together.
    Tony Smith - Scholastic
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    We are looking forward to benefitting not only from an improvement in efficiencies of labour but also to significant reductions in our dispatch time and mileage.
    John Spray - Countrywide Healthcare Supplies
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    We can model varying limits of overtime and max work time to see how these impact the schedules, number of trucks, and costs. We can then choose the particular routes to send to the warehouse based on minimising delivery costs using these parameters.
    John Schuler - Kuna Foods
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    We are delivering orders so much more efficiently, our vehicles return earlier and we can start loading earlier. Our planning time has also been dramatically reduced and a process that used to require a huge amount of effort has been greatly simplified.
    Adam Wilson-Bowen - Solopress

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