AutoLogic Systems and Nestlé talk logistics with local students

Posted: 16-Apr-2020

AutoLogic Systems have run an interactive workshop with students at Pebble Brook School in Aylesbury, in partnership with their customer, Nestlé UK.

The workshop was designed to educate pupils in the use of simulation software when designing and building a major new distribution centre; and to show how virtual reality can be applied for communication and virtual training applications in logistics.

Pebble Brook is a school for pupils aged 11-19 years with specific learning difficulties. Pebble Brook regularly hosts external trips and visitors to inspire and empower their students.

Graham Carter of AutoLogic, who provide a range of logistics software and consulting services to customers such as Nestlé, discussed the benefits of using simulation and the challenges of building a 638,000-square-foot distribution centre close to an airport.  The pupils were able to see examples of the advanced automation used and modelled in the simulation, as well as experience the working model of the new warehouse in virtual reality.

As well as supporting the workshop, Nestlé also donated a selection of their products to the school.  The school is now planning for pupils to package and distribute these products to worthwhile causes in the local community.

Graham Carter of AutoLogic says: “As a local business it’s always great to have the opportunity to visit amazing establishments such as Pebble Brook School. The pupils really enjoyed using the VR headset to experience the new warehouse and asked excellent questions. This generation is our future and we hope they will consider careers in software and logistics.”

Gill Barnard of Nestlé adds: “Our supply chain is vast and provides employment for thousands across the UK. It’s always a privilege to shine a light on our industry and we hope we have inspired some young people to find out more about what opportunities are available to them.”

David Miller, Headteacher of Pebble Brook School said: “We love to introduce our pupils to as many opportunities and real-world experiences as possible and a huge part of that is which jobs they might enjoy when they leave school. To have a local business such as AutoLogic Systems and global brands such as Nestlé talk to us about their industry in a fun and interesting way is invaluable.”