AutoLogic Systems launch new Asset Condition Management software

Posted: 25-Nov-2019

AutoLogic Systems has launched a new range of software called PerfectR that enables warehouses and manufacturers to manage and report on the condition of their assets.

PerfectR works by capturing field data, with the use of a hand-held tablet, IOS or Android device, to produce reports on the condition of existing or new assets. It’s ideal for the delivery stage of assets as they can be snagged, reviewed and signed off before going into operation.

Data can be shared easily with all contractors as issues, which are captured and categorized, are automatically prioritized and communicated to them.  Instructions and photos are issued to provide guidance on work required and the software tracks and reports progress on issues as they are completed.

PerfectR also serves as a supporting repository as it enables documentation, videos and/or performance data sets to be assigned to assets graphically.  Combined with the snagging capabilities, this makes it ideal for ongoing maintenance.

Graham Carter of AutoLogic Systems says: “PerfectR facilitates the handover, ownership, management and sale of assets. It’s perfect for all sizes of warehouses or buildings and has a limitless number of assets that can be managed.

“PerfectR has been used extensively within our sister company AutoLogic Airports and we’re delighted to now offer the software to our existing customers.”