Emulate3D V2019 Released

Posted: 3-Jan-2020

AutoLogic Systems is pleased to announce the release of the Emulate3D 2019 Product Range from our partners Rockwell Automation.

CAD Is The Model (CITM) sees further improvements for 2020. You can now use the technology within Autodesk Inventor and Revit as well as SOLIDWORKS, plus further mechanisms such as Aspect types and solvers have been added to enhance the experience.

Users of Emulate3D Controls Testing are particularly well served with this release, as there are new features within the Tag Server as well as additional protocols supported by the Net Server.

The Add-in for Autodesk Inventor now includes the optional Demo3DVR-V2 capability to view and interact with CAD directly in a virtual reality or mixed reality headset (HTC Vive, Oculus, Microsoft, etc.). Kinematic mechanisms can also be interacted with outside of VR without the need for an additional license.

New QuickScript widgets have been added to allow tags to be read or forced from a QuickLogic script. This enables prototyping of control logic where the IO points for the system are known but the PLC program hasn’t yet been written or isn’t available. It also allows testing for scenarios where faults can be triggered programmatically using a simple QuickScript program based on other events or states, rather than just manually.

When it comes to rendering, Emulate3D is now 8 times faster and VR has gone from 20 frames per second to 140 frames per second.

New components and catalogues include a library of 110 ready-to-use FANUC robots, an updated vehicle framework catalogue, a new MagneMotion catalogue that simulates the vehicle accumulation and collision avoidance behaviors of QuickStick and MagneMover LITE systems and a new industrial trucks catalogue. There is also a Vertical Conveyor Systems catalogue comprising the Qimarox ProRunner Mk 1, Mk 5, Mk 5XL, Mk 9, and Mk 10. Each of the components can be easily configured for overall height and floor footprint, lift speeds, and direction of travel.

You can download the full release specification HERE or watch a video overview of the new features and functions at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJH_ZqoGUHI&feature=youtu.be