New robot framework announced in latest Emulate3D release

Posted: 3-Feb-2021

Emulate3D has released an extensive new Robot Framework Catalog to support the new age of Cad is the Model (CITM) robots. Manufacturers and logistics firms can now drive a range of popular industry robots in both simulation and emulation environments. Robot manufacturers supported by the framework include ABB, FANUC, Comau and Denso.

The technology means that robots can now be integrated with bespoke machinery, palletisers, and wider transportation systems such as conveyors and vehicles to accurately emulate a facility as a whole.

The robots can be driven by a robot controller straight out of the box. Users simply connect the controller and begin writing logic to drive the robot.

The controller comes with a handy user interface as well as jog and teach support. The framework also includes a reach point cloud generation feature, which generates a graphical representation of the reach range of a joint-constrained robot. A selection of basic End Effectors is also provided, which can be used with the CITM robots.

Andy Parsons of AutoLogic Systems, who provide Emulate3D in the UK, says: “Previously it wasn’t possible to prove a robot as part of a wider factory or warehouse emulation. Being able to connect Emulate3D to native robot software extends the world of virtual commissioning significantly.”

AutoLogic Systems provides Emulate3D to manufacturers, logistics firms and warehouses across the UK enabling them to create digital twins that can test and simulate hardware and controls in a virtual environment.

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