Make Process Models Simple with Black Boxes

Posted: 30-Sep-2019

Our Emulate3D technology provides a flexible and easily modified generic Black Box which enables you to build initial experimental models quickly and easily. If you need to understand the disruption that a new type of product being introduced into an existing system will cause, model it with Black Boxes first to visualize the impact and understand the

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Build Racks Fast With The Emulate 3D Rack Editor

Posted: 16-Jul-2019

Use the Rack Configurator catalog component to create the rack structure, manage the storage and retrieval of loads, and generate useful reports easily. The Quick Rack Builder enables you to build any configuration of racks in a very straightforward manner, or even use QuickLogic blocks for added flexibility. Introduce zoning to accurately represent the placement

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Emulate3D acquired by Rockwell Automation

Posted: 16-Apr-2019

Rockwell Automation, Inc. has acquired Emulate3D, the simulation and emulation software provided by AutoLogic Systems in the UK. AutoLogic Systems will continue to offer the range of Emulate3D software, that enables customers to virtually test machine and system designs before incurring manufacturing and automation costs and committing to a final design. Graham Carter of AutoLogic Systems

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AutoLogic Systems announce software release that models directly from CAD

Posted: 16-Apr-2019

AutoLogic Systems Ltd has released the latest version of Emulate3D which allows users to create dynamic, digital models direct from their CAD. Emulate3D’s ‘CAD is The Model’ technology enables you to import your CAD from a wide variety of standard formats and make it a realistic virtual commissioning model. Users are now able to create

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Video: CAD is The Model – Your Questions Answered

Posted: 18-Feb-2019

Since we launched the 2018 versions of our Emulate 3D/Demo3D software we’ve been inundated with questions about the new CAD is The Model technology. Can I implement it with my CAD if I don’t have SOLIDWORKS? Will it enable me to accurately represent linked mechanisms? Can I drive movements using event-triggered scripts? Does it work

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New features and functionality for Emulate 3D products

Posted: 10-Dec-2018

We’ve added a great deal of new features and functionality to the 2018 versions of the Emulate 3D products, so whichever license you use, there is something for you in the new release. CAD is The Model takes top slot, but we’ve made workflow improvements and added features to make your job easier whether you are

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Make Your CAD Dynamic in Demo3D 2018

Posted: 26-Sep-2018

Exciting new features to mark up your CAD in SOLIDWORKS using the Emulate3D ribbon are to be included in the upcoming Demo3D, Sim3D, and Emulate3D 2018 product ranges. You’ll benefit from the ability to import CAD from a wide range of industry formats and then transform it into dynamic elements that can be driven by

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SCALA Annual Supply Chain 2018 a great success

Posted: 5-Jul-2018

A great time was had at the 2018 SCALA Annual Supply Chain. Although the last of the England World Cup group matches was later that evening the timing was perfect and attendance was high. We have sponsored the event for several years now and it’s a great opportunity for senior industry leaders and professionals to discuss

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AutoLogic expand Simulation team

Posted: 6-Jun-2018

AutoLogic Systems have expanded their simulation team with three new dedicated analysts. Suhail Mohammed has most recently joined the team as a new Simulation Analyst and will be working with the company’s demonstration, simulation and emulation software to deliver projects for customers. Previously Suhail studied maths at Birmingham University. Other recent recruits include Metodi Rusev

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AutoLogic proud to be members of CILT

Posted: 27-Mar-2018

We are proud to once again be members of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in the UK is the membership organisation for professionals involved in the movement of goods and people and their associated supply chains. Graham Carter, MD of AutoLogic Systems says: “Our case, load

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