AutoMod is the only 3D simulation tool that can model the largest and most complex manufacturing, distribution, and material handling systems by combining the ease‐of‐use features of a simulation language. AutoMod’s expertise in modeling material handling and logistics operations has made it the product of choice in the automotive, high‐tech, airport, ports, postal, warehousing, material handling and many other industries.
Suitable for all
AutoMod meets the needs of both the casual, first-time user and the full-time simulation
model builder. Accurately simulate systems of any size or level of detail—from manual operations, work cells and fork trucks to airline ticket counters and semiconductor fabs.
An AutoMod model can also be used as an emulator. The model can emulate motors,
sensors and other equipment while communicating with system programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The PLC logic controls the model, so you can test and verify PLC coding. An AutoMod model can even emulate the characteristics of an entire system, including PLC logic, functionality and communication. The model communicates with high-level control software, enabling you to test and verify the control software itself.
With AutoMod, you can automatically generate reports and graphs, providing
information about all aspects of your system, such as equipment utilization and inventory levels. You can even view reports in tables or with built-in business graphics.
View from any angle
The advantage of AutoMod is the level of detail users can incorporate into their models to accurately reflect reality. When running a model, you can visualize a facility in action and view it from any angle. This level of detail enables you to spot bottlenecks in existing systems and anticipate problems that are still on the drawing board.

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