Direct Route, DRTrack & Territory Pro

Our range of Vehicle Scheduling & Tracking software gets you where you want to go faster and more efficiently whilst recording your progress for internal processes or customer information.

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Build fixed routes or dynamic daily routes. Single day, multi-day and one-way routing capabilities. Financial analysis of routes and fleet operations. Interfaces to real-time tracking. Extensive customisable reporting. Street-level, turn-by-turn driving directions
DRTrack uses fleet tracking GPS to automatically update estimated arrival and departure times at customer locations for web-accessible track-and-trace capability. It can also be used to track planned vs. actual route mileage, driver hours & delivery performance.
TerritoryPro™ helps you adjust and design route territories based on constraints such as sales volume, service time and/or coverage area. Automatically create territories or review current territories with lasso type editing for re-assignment and automatic updating of statistics.

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