Case studiesFibrestar gets more from their pallets and vehicles with LoadStak Pro

February 5, 20140

Fibrestar Drums Ltd, the UKs leading manufacturer of round and square fibre storage drums, have acquired the LoadStak Pro software from AutoLogic Systems to improve their pallet and vehicle fill.

LoadStak Pro forms a part of the wider TOPS Pro software suite used for pack, case, pallet and vehicle optimisation.  It creates pallet patterns and optimises fill based on the dimensions of a company’s pallets, containers and vehicles.

Fibrestar offer a high volume of specifications and products types and like all manufacturers, need to ensure that they maximise all of the available space on every pallet and every vehicle.

Fibrestar looked at all of the options for optimising their loading patterns including open source software, but having experienced TOPS Pro software in the past they knew LoadStak could deliver what they required and beyond.

John Pogson, Sales Manager at Fibrestar says: “We have never located an open source option with anything like the capabilities of TOPS software.  We know TOPS Pro is highly effective and most importantly offers a very high accuracy rate.

“We can accurately quantify the quantity of our products on a pallet or in a specific vehicle type. This is very important from a costing perspective.

“Being able to add a TOPS data sheet to our customer quotations looks superb and also removes any ambiguity in respect to the quantity and configuration of products that our customers will receive.”

Fibrestar uses LoadStak Pro to plan loads from both production line to pallet and pallet to vehicle.

John adds: “We are occasionally asked to provide drums loose and again the software is excellent in this respect. We also find the software to be very valuable in presenting a choice of different delivery permutations to our customers.”

AutoLogic Systems is the sole UK agent for TOPS Pro software and other leading packing, loading, materials handling, transport and freight software.

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