Advanced Digital Solutions for Industry

Dynamic Digital Twins, Packing Optimisation,
Asset Conditioning & much more

Case, pallet &
freight optimisation

Optimise your case, pallet,
vehicle & container fill and manage shipments more effectively

Digital Twins - Design Validation & Virtual Commissioning

Create accurate models to reduce the risks associated with your automation investments

Digital Twins - Sales and Demonstration

Create an invaluable sales and demonstration tool to test and prove your designs

Asset Condition

Asset Condition and Handover Management for automated systems, buildings and warehouses

Founded in 1993ABOUT US

We provide outstanding software and consulting that optimise your manufacturing facility, logistics and transportation. Whether you’re a manufacturer, warehouse, logistics provider or retailer we can help every step of the way from the design of your facility to your packaging, loading and transport. We are a Value Added Reseller of Emulate3D by Rockwell Automation as well as many other world-renowned solutions.

Our capabilities


Reduce risk, improve testing & boost sales - all in a safe, 3D virtual environment
Increased loads
Optimise your case, pallet, vehicle and container fill
Automated data for improved performance & monitoring

“The Demo3D software is a great way to bring our concepts alive quickly and easily – we were actively using Demo3D on projects the day following training. A tool like Demo3D gives us a way of making ideas more real for ourselves and our customers.”

Dematic UK

“Not only does the Emulate3D testing environment provide high degrees of accuracy, dynamic modelling capabilities and state of the art graphics, it provides reassurances and confidence to our customers so we can build long lasting mutual and trusted relationships.”

Rapiscan Systems

“The software is detailed but relatively easy to use and has the capability to solve complex load requirements by taking into account every single element to maximise each pallet or container used. It creates clear efficiencies and reduces transport costs for both us and our customers.”

PFE Express

“The result is fewer lorries, reduced mileage and lower transport costs – the benefits of which can all be passed on to our customer. We can also provide detailed load plans so our customers know exactly which products are where on each load.”


“We can confidently test unlimited lay outs and ideas without having to stop the production line. The production line is now working at 20% more capacity than it was before.”

IO Systems

“The model has enabled us to validate and give great confidence in the automation solution from design through to commissioning. In addition the excellent graphics and VR experience have provided an invaluable engagement tool for the many operational teams and stakeholders who need to support our new operation.”

Nestlé UK

“MaxLoad Pro allows us to review our options and plan our deliveries in good time to assist the consolidation building.  The results we achieved in terms of pallet box utilisation could not be bettered, even by an experienced consolidation team.”



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Advanced Digital Solutions for Industry. Dynamic Digital Twins, Packing Optimisation, Asset Conditioning & much more.

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