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Create Cargo Load Solutions for Trucks, Sea Containers as well as for Cartons and Pallets.

Maxload Pro

MaxLoad Pro is a cargo load planning, container loading, freight calculation and cube optimisation software. It can calculate accurate container and truck load plans by determining the best way possible, through intelligent loading algorithms and extensive stacking rules, to load mixed sized products into containers and vehicles.

MaxLoad Pro has proved to be the world’s best cargo planning, optimisation and diagramming software. It is used throughout a wide array of industries involved in supply chain, logistics, food and beverage, home and office furnishing, retailing, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive and more.
Trucks, containers & mixed loads
Not only for trucks and containers, but also for mixed products into cartons or totes and create mixed pallets.
SKU & Load Types
Supported Load and SKU Types
MaxLoad Pro supports a variety of load types including direct floor loads, unit pallet loads and mixed pallet loads.
3D Editor
Manually customise placements in a tote, pallet or within a truck or container with the advanced 3D drag & drop editor.
Extensive Vehicle Types
MaxLoad Pro comes pre-defined with a database of vehicle types including commonly used trucks and sea containers.
Easy Data Imports
Define your product SKUs in MaxLoad Pro’s database so they will be available for you to load into trucks, containers, pallets and totes.
Download loading instructions
Export & share comprehensive summary reports including 3D load plans, step-by-step loading instructions and load lists for loaders and warehouse employees.

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