Case studiesSoftbox control their delivery costs thanks to new load planning software

March 5, 20150

Softbox Systems Ltd. has added the latest load planning tool to their portfolio of packaging software. MaxLoad Pro® will help Softbox reduce transport and shipping costs as their export market rockets.

Softbox specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of insulated packaging for the shipment of temperature sensitive products. They are rapidly growing and now export 50% of their total sales all over Europe and beyond.

With 15-20 lorries leaving the Softbox factory in Oxfordshire each week it is vital they maximise each vehicle load, reduce packing time and keep delivery charges to their customers as low as possible.

Softbox was already using the TOPSPro® and TOPS ePac® software from AutoLogic Systems for optimising the fill of their packaging but with more and more of their customers ordering multiple products, the requirement to carefully plan mixed loads has become increasingly important.
Richard Jones, MD of Softbox comments: “This is where MaxLoad Pro comes into its’ own. We are able to set up all of our SKUs in the software and specify the quantity required in each load. MaxLoad Pro gives us the optimum packing configuration with step by step loading instructions. We can also specify which items can and can’t be stacked and this is taken into account by the software.

“The result is fewer lorries, reduced mileage and lower transport costs – the benefits of which can all be passed on to our customer. We can also provide detailed load plans so our customers know exactly which products are where on each load.

“Because we are able to get the load right first time every time, our logistics team are also able to work much more efficiently. If MaxLoad enables us to half the loading time taken, the impact on our business will be huge.

Softbox also intend to use the software as a sales tool.

“Customers can tell us what they want to send and we are able to make recommendations on the best load configurations and packaging options to aid their planning process.

“Our suite of load planning software from AutoLogic Systems is essential. To be able to work more efficiently and reduce delivery costs for our clients in the current climate is absolutely invaluable.”

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