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Accurate and realistic looking 3D layouts of production lines, warehouses, distribution centers, and baggage handling systems.


Layout3D lets you create accurate and realistic looking 3D layouts of a wide range of automation equipment, including production lines, warehouses, distribution centers, and baggage handling systems. Layout3D models are the easiest way to demonstrate, explain and develop your project ideas to all stakeholders, and model building is quick and straightforward. You can navigate through your virtual systems using a standard games controller, then generate and distribute great looking videos and multi-view dimensioned prints to project members.
Drag & Drop Catalogue
Layout3D includes catalogs of standard material handling equipment which you drag and drop to assemble your layout. To accelerate your workflow even more you can use parameter-driven objects like storage racks and gantry cranes which can be easily re-dimensioned and extended.
Virtual Reality
Show your work at its best, in captivating and immersive 3D stereo within a virtual environment. The HTC Vive, Microsofts Hololens, Facebooks Oculus Rift, Samsungs Gear VR, and Google Cardboard are all available to Emulate3D users.
Import CAD designs
If you already have 3D CAD of company equipment, you can import it via many widely used CAD formats, and create company-specific reusable catalogs.
Part of the Emulate3D family
Layout3D is an integral part of the Emulate3D family of products, so models created in Layout3D can be opened and modified by Demo3D, Sim3D, and Emulate3D Controls Testing users.

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