UncategorizedAndroid app launched for Direct Route scheduling and tracking software

April 24, 20130

An application is now available for Direct Route scheduling and tracking software that links live data from delivery vehicles to a central management system.

Data such as customer signatures, time of delivery, current locations and estimated time of arrival can be recorded through any android mobile device via the application. A head office or customer is then able to view the live data and check progress on specific orders.

Automated notifications to customers such as confirmation of delivery and scheduled arrival times can also be programmed through the app.

Another major advantage of the new system is that no complicated programming is required to build bespoke forms within the application. Pages can be customized easily and immediately saving significant third party costs typically involved in adding and developing form builder functionality.

Graham Carter of Autologic Systems, who supply Direct Route software in the UK, says: “The new technology places the software way ahead of other scheduling and tracking solutions on the market and offers a completely integrated solution not previously available in the UK.”

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