Case studiesA shower of savings for Aqualux from MaxLoad Pro load planning software

April 28, 2013

Aqualux Showers have selected MaxLoad Pro load planning software to significantly lower transport and distribution costs and meet the needs of their customers.

Aqualux had a requirement to formalise their pallet and lorry loading after a key customer, B&Q, started an extensive restructuring of their seven main distribution centres. There were three new key requirements that Aqualux had to adhere to: fewer but larger orders meaning more complex load patterns; changes in load sequencing and labelling to align with storage patterns in the warehouse; detailed notification of planned loads and deliveries

It was agreed that professional pallet planning software could be introduced to meet these new requirements and so Aqualux started a review of the options available on the market. Aqualux soon narrowed their search and identified a clear winner in MaxLoad Pro from AutoLogic Systems.

Ian Spittle, IT Manager at Aqualux comments: “We were looking for an excellent product but equally strong service and support. Although these solutions look very simple on the outside it was important to us to integrate it seamlessly with our shop floor and SAP system. AutoLogic just explained everything very clearly and were very hands on in implementing the software and getting us up and running as quickly as possible. We are already using the software for deliveries to the first B&Q distribution centre with the new procedures and will roll it out across the account as the remaining centres are upgraded.”

And it seems that the benefits will keep on coming for Aqualux and their Maxload Pro software.

“We initially acquired MaxLoad Pro solely for the B&Q contract but it has quickly become clear that its’ flexibility can be applied to other areas of our business.

“We have a major manufacturing operation in China and as a result incur high transportation costs. We will be able to use MaxLoad Pro to optimise our container loads and reduce these costs significantly.

“We also export to Europe and will be able to use MaxLoad Pro to reduce those shipping costs too.


“In both cases, these savings can be passed on to our customers.”

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