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June 16, 20220

A key feature of our Maxload Pro software is the ability to plan a loose loaded container in sequence. This is particularly important when, at the other end, the container is off-loaded to an automated robot palletisation system.

If the SKUs being offloaded are mixed, the automation system will need to cope with buffering the additional SKUs or some other manual intervention will be needed. For example there might only be 2 robots but 6 different SKUs are being offloaded.

MaxLoad Pro allows you load the SKUs in sequence – sometimes referred to as “snake loading” – which makes for a simpler off-load and palletisation process. There is no need for manual intervention and the robots can continue to operate without any buffering.

This feature is really useful for our automation customers and those using our sister software Emulate3D.

For more information get in touch with us at info@autologic-systems.co.uk.

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