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June 16, 20220

TOPS Software have added some new load planning functionality that will really appeal to our automotive customers out there. The new ‘Like-footprint Stacking’ algorithms provide options for loading and stacking where the heights of containers are different but their footprints are the same. Previously, manufacturers would have to classify the different SKUs into categories and specify which were allowed to stack. This method can be time consuming so with the new version of MaxLoad Pro this type of load rule can be taken care of automatically. It is much simpler to use the new method, which has the added benefit of speeding up the load planning calculations with MaxLoad Pro.

To demonstrate the new functionality, you will see in the image above that interlocking stillages are allowed to stack if the heights of the containers are different but the footprint is the same.  You can see this in action with stillage 1 stacking on top of stillage 2 where both have 1800×1200 mm footprints but different heights.

The approach is particularly relevant to inbound automotive logistics where stillages are frequently used as containers for parts to be delivered to line-side assembly.

To find out more email us at info@autologic-systems.co.uk.


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